Ventilation system control panel

The product consists of a panel in moistureproof metal housing designed for the reception and distribution of power in the ventilation systems and provides:

  • Power of the ventilation system equipment (electrical motors, valves, gate valves, fans);

  • Management of executive of the ventilation system devices;

  • Registration and processing of operating modes and alarm of the ventilation system;

  • Informing the user about the operating conditions and accidents of the ventilation system;

  • Data transfer to the external scheduling system.


The product has the following functions:

  • Providing rooms with fresh air;

  • Keeping desired temperature in the room;

  • Scheduled work;

  • Emergency shutdown of ventilation;

  • Protection of terminal equipment;

  • Receiving and transmitting data.


Controlled devices:

  • Heaters (electrical, water);

  • Coolers (freon, water);

  • Fans;

  • Frequency converters;

  • All types air dampers.


Distinctive features of the ventilation control systems:

  • Availability of typical configurations with water or electric heater;

  • The finished system "out of the box" - for commissioning, just connect sensors and actuators;

  • User-friendly interface controller;

  • Visualization of the process work and equipment condition;

  • The combination of power and protection actuators with ventilation control system in a single panel;

  • By agreement with the customer, system can be completed with the full set of sensors and actuators;

  • Provided power control circuits from an external uninterruptible power supply;

  • A complete set of executive documentation, including the:

  • Electrical schematic diagram and external views of panel;

  • The specification for the system components;

  • Connecting diagrams of external devices and sensors;

  • Guidelines for commissioning works;

  • Frequency regulator configuration guidelines;

  • User’s manual.


It is possible to change standard solution for the customer needs, can be changed:

  • List of controlled devices;

  • Visualization of the work process;

  • Control algorithms;

  • Management of system.

There may also be other modifications discussed individually.


Engineering support and warranty

In case of difficulties with the adjustment of the equipment in the facility, our experts can provide the following services:

  • Participation in start-up works;

  • Help in troubleshooting equipment that is connected to the supplied panel;

  • Remote software correction.

For all products provided 2 year warranty.

Technical support is provided for all warranties and after warranty time.


The quality of products is achieved by :

  • High-class engineering staff, provides a comprehensive elaboration of projects;

  • Using of highly reliable components from Rittal, Klemsan, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, ABB;

  • A factory making of cabinets;

  • High quality control, including a semi-automatic signal circuit test of manufactured products;

  • The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard.