Power distribution cabinets

Power distribution cabinet is a device that is intended to provide supply and redistribution of electrical energy, protection of electrical power lines and protection of the overload and short circuit currents. In addition, system allows measuring of energy consumption when equipped with power meters.

Power distribution cabinet is a generic name of a group of special equipment, which includes devices such as the distribution switchboard, power metering and supply and distribution panel, lighting panel, enclosure for the residential distribution, and other types of electrical cabinets that are equipped with electrical devices for different purposes.

Construction of the power board 

Like other panel-mounted devices equipment used in power boards depends on the requirements of specific projects and customer requirements. These devices are installed inside the cabinet, made of sheet metal. On the cabinet door for ease of maintenance and visualization are used indicator lamps, power management devices, indicators and scales of monitoring devices.

Power distribution cabinets are also often equipped with a main switch (switch), which disconnect all electrical equipment, available in the cabinet, from the power supply, and, accordingly, the total blackout of all electrical equipment used in the facility.

This function is useful in case of emergency, as completely turning off the electric power in these situations helps to avoid unwanted consequences of the accident and to protect electrical equipment from the damage and burnout.

It is also possible to install switches for individual groups of electrical equipment, separated on-site or on the type of application. Input and output power circuits can be installed at the bottom or at the top of the cabinet frame. Design of the cabinet depends on the type of installation. Power distribution cabinets can be wall mounted or floor standing.