Input distribution board

Function of input distribution board

Used for electrical energy distribution to feeders. In addition protecting electrical short-circuit and overload. Electrical consumption meters can be installed inside of input distribution board. Consumption of incoming lines or at each feeder can be measured.

Use of input distribution boards

Field of application is wide enough - and they are used in industrial plants and in residential areas. It distributes electricity in buildings with any number of floors and all types of buildings (offices, production facilities, warehouses and other premises).

Construction of input distribution boards

Input distribution boards are assembled in front maintenance panels, which are installed inside a steel enclosure (cabinet). The devices consist of one or more cabinets. To be able to control devices it is necessary to open the door, where corresponding device is installed.

For easier maintenance of monitoring and measuring equipment, control devices can be installed on the front doors of cabinets. Also there is possibility to install automatic control devices.

Control device components are made according to customers specifications, based on the requirements of a particular object. There is also possibility to order input distribution board without side panels for multi panel switchboard. At the standard configuration input and output cables are located at the bottom part of enclosures, but there is possibility to locate them at the top part of enclosure.